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Shows the number of different IRQs received by the kernel. High disk or network traffic can cause a high number of interrupts (with good hardware and drivers this will be less so). Sudden high interrupt activity with no associated higher system activity is not normal.

Field Internal name Type Warn Crit Info
2-edge timer i0 derive     Interrupt 0, for device(s): 2-edge timer
3-edge ttyS1 i3 derive     Interrupt 3, for device(s): 3-edge ttyS1
8-edge rtc0 i8 derive     Interrupt 8, for device(s): 8-edge rtc0
9-fasteoi acpi i9 derive     Interrupt 9, for device(s): 9-fasteoi acpi
16-fasteoi i801_smbus i16 derive     Interrupt 16, for device(s): 16-fasteoi i801_smbus
458752-edge PCIe PME, pciehp i24 derive     Interrupt 24, for device(s): 458752-edge PCIe PME, pciehp
468992-edge PCIe PME i25 derive     Interrupt 25, for device(s): 468992-edge PCIe PME
12058624-edge PCIe PME, pciehp i27 derive     Interrupt 27, for device(s): 12058624-edge PCIe PME, pciehp
12075008-edge PCIe PME, pciehp i28 derive     Interrupt 28, for device(s): 12075008-edge PCIe PME, pciehp
12091392-edge PCIe PME i29 derive     Interrupt 29, for device(s): 12091392-edge PCIe PME
48758784-edge PCIe PME i32 derive     Interrupt 32, for device(s): 48758784-edge PCIe PME
69730304-edge PCIe PME, pciehp i34 derive     Interrupt 34, for device(s): 69730304-edge PCIe PME, pciehp
69746688-edge PCIe PME, pciehp i35 derive     Interrupt 35, for device(s): 69746688-edge PCIe PME, pciehp
327680-edge xhci_hcd i37 derive     Interrupt 37, for device(s): 327680-edge xhci_hcd
288768-edge ahci[0000:00:11.5] i38 derive     Interrupt 38, for device(s): 288768-edge ahci[0000:00:11.5]
14680064-edge i40e-0000:1c:00.0:misc i40 derive     Interrupt 40, for device(s): 14680064-edge i40e-0000:1c:00.0:misc
6-edge dmar6 i104 derive     Interrupt 104, for device(s): 6-edge dmar6
5-edge dmar5 i105 derive     Interrupt 105, for device(s): 5-edge dmar5
4-edge dmar4 i106 derive     Interrupt 106, for device(s): 4-edge dmar4
3-edge dmar3 i107 derive     Interrupt 107, for device(s): 3-edge dmar3
2-edge dmar2 i108 derive     Interrupt 108, for device(s): 2-edge dmar2
1-edge dmar1 i109 derive     Interrupt 109, for device(s): 1-edge dmar1
0-edge dmar0 i110 derive     Interrupt 110, for device(s): 0-edge dmar0
7-edge dmar7 i111 derive     Interrupt 111, for device(s): 7-edge dmar7
121 i121 derive     Interrupt 121, for device(s): 14680137-edge i40e-0000:1c:00.0:fdir-TxRx-0
14682112-edge i40e-0000:1c:00.1:misc i155 derive     Interrupt 155, for device(s): 14682112-edge i40e-0000:1c:00.1:misc
228 i228 derive     Interrupt 228, for device(s): 14682185-edge i40e-0000:1c:00.1:fdir-TxRx-0
376832-edge ahci[0000:00:17.0] i262 derive     Interrupt 262, for device(s): 376832-edge ahci[0000:00:17.0]
49283072-edge mlx4-async@pci:0000:5e:00.0 i263 derive     Interrupt 263, for device(s): 49283072-edge mlx4-async@pci:0000:5e:00.0
49283073-edge mlx4-1@0000:5e:00.0 i264 derive     Interrupt 264, for device(s): 49283073-edge mlx4-1@0000:5e:00.0
49283074-edge mlx4-2@0000:5e:00.0 i265 derive     Interrupt 265, for device(s): 49283074-edge mlx4-2@0000:5e:00.0
49283075-edge mlx4-3@0000:5e:00.0 i266 derive     Interrupt 266, for device(s): 49283075-edge mlx4-3@0000:5e:00.0
49283076-edge mlx4-4@0000:5e:00.0 i267 derive     Interrupt 267, for device(s): 49283076-edge mlx4-4@0000:5e:00.0
49283077-edge mlx4-5@0000:5e:00.0 i268 derive     Interrupt 268, for device(s): 49283077-edge mlx4-5@0000:5e:00.0
49283078-edge mlx4-6@0000:5e:00.0 i269 derive     Interrupt 269, for device(s): 49283078-edge mlx4-6@0000:5e:00.0
49283079-edge mlx4-7@0000:5e:00.0 i270 derive     Interrupt 270, for device(s): 49283079-edge mlx4-7@0000:5e:00.0
49283080-edge mlx4-8@0000:5e:00.0 i271 derive     Interrupt 271, for device(s): 49283080-edge mlx4-8@0000:5e:00.0
49283081-edge mlx4-9@0000:5e:00.0 i272 derive     Interrupt 272, for device(s): 49283081-edge mlx4-9@0000:5e:00.0
49283082-edge mlx4-10@0000:5e:00.0 i273 derive     Interrupt 273, for device(s): 49283082-edge mlx4-10@0000:5e:00.0
49283083-edge mlx4-11@0000:5e:00.0 i274 derive     Interrupt 274, for device(s): 49283083-edge mlx4-11@0000:5e:00.0
49283084-edge mlx4-12@0000:5e:00.0 i275 derive     Interrupt 275, for device(s): 49283084-edge mlx4-12@0000:5e:00.0
49283085-edge mlx4-13@0000:5e:00.0 i276 derive     Interrupt 276, for device(s): 49283085-edge mlx4-13@0000:5e:00.0
49283086-edge mlx4-14@0000:5e:00.0 i277 derive     Interrupt 277, for device(s): 49283086-edge mlx4-14@0000:5e:00.0
49283087-edge mlx4-15@0000:5e:00.0 i278 derive     Interrupt 278, for device(s): 49283087-edge mlx4-15@0000:5e:00.0
49283088-edge mlx4-16@0000:5e:00.0 i279 derive     Interrupt 279, for device(s): 49283088-edge mlx4-16@0000:5e:00.0
49283089-edge mlx4-17@0000:5e:00.0 i280 derive     Interrupt 280, for device(s): 49283089-edge mlx4-17@0000:5e:00.0
49283090-edge mlx4-18@0000:5e:00.0 i281 derive     Interrupt 281, for device(s): 49283090-edge mlx4-18@0000:5e:00.0
49283091-edge mlx4-19@0000:5e:00.0 i282 derive     Interrupt 282, for device(s): 49283091-edge mlx4-19@0000:5e:00.0
49283092-edge mlx4-20@0000:5e:00.0 i283 derive     Interrupt 283, for device(s): 49283092-edge mlx4-20@0000:5e:00.0
49283093-edge mlx4-21@0000:5e:00.0 i284 derive     Interrupt 284, for device(s): 49283093-edge mlx4-21@0000:5e:00.0
49283094-edge mlx4-22@0000:5e:00.0 i285 derive     Interrupt 285, for device(s): 49283094-edge mlx4-22@0000:5e:00.0
49283095-edge mlx4-23@0000:5e:00.0 i286 derive     Interrupt 286, for device(s): 49283095-edge mlx4-23@0000:5e:00.0
49283096-edge mlx4-24@0000:5e:00.0 i287 derive     Interrupt 287, for device(s): 49283096-edge mlx4-24@0000:5e:00.0
49283097-edge mlx4-25@0000:5e:00.0 i288 derive     Interrupt 288, for device(s): 49283097-edge mlx4-25@0000:5e:00.0
49283098-edge mlx4-26@0000:5e:00.0 i289 derive     Interrupt 289, for device(s): 49283098-edge mlx4-26@0000:5e:00.0
49283099-edge mlx4-27@0000:5e:00.0 i290 derive     Interrupt 290, for device(s): 49283099-edge mlx4-27@0000:5e:00.0
49283100-edge mlx4-28@0000:5e:00.0 i291 derive     Interrupt 291, for device(s): 49283100-edge mlx4-28@0000:5e:00.0
49283101-edge mlx4-29@0000:5e:00.0 i292 derive     Interrupt 292, for device(s): 49283101-edge mlx4-29@0000:5e:00.0
49283102-edge mlx4-30@0000:5e:00.0 i293 derive     Interrupt 293, for device(s): 49283102-edge mlx4-30@0000:5e:00.0
49283103-edge mlx4-31@0000:5e:00.0 i294 derive     Interrupt 294, for device(s): 49283103-edge mlx4-31@0000:5e:00.0
49283104-edge mlx4-32@0000:5e:00.0 i295 derive     Interrupt 295, for device(s): 49283104-edge mlx4-32@0000:5e:00.0
49283105-edge mlx4-33@0000:5e:00.0 i296 derive     Interrupt 296, for device(s): 49283105-edge mlx4-33@0000:5e:00.0
49283106-edge mlx4-34@0000:5e:00.0 i297 derive     Interrupt 297, for device(s): 49283106-edge mlx4-34@0000:5e:00.0
49283107-edge mlx4-35@0000:5e:00.0 i298 derive     Interrupt 298, for device(s): 49283107-edge mlx4-35@0000:5e:00.0
49283108-edge mlx4-36@0000:5e:00.0 i299 derive     Interrupt 299, for device(s): 49283108-edge mlx4-36@0000:5e:00.0
49283109-edge mlx4-37@0000:5e:00.0 i300 derive     Interrupt 300, for device(s): 49283109-edge mlx4-37@0000:5e:00.0
49283110-edge mlx4-38@0000:5e:00.0 i301 derive     Interrupt 301, for device(s): 49283110-edge mlx4-38@0000:5e:00.0
49283111-edge mlx4-39@0000:5e:00.0 i302 derive     Interrupt 302, for device(s): 49283111-edge mlx4-39@0000:5e:00.0
49283112-edge mlx4-40@0000:5e:00.0 i303 derive     Interrupt 303, for device(s): 49283112-edge mlx4-40@0000:5e:00.0
49283113-edge mlx4-41@0000:5e:00.0 i304 derive     Interrupt 304, for device(s): 49283113-edge mlx4-41@0000:5e:00.0
49283114-edge mlx4-42@0000:5e:00.0 i305 derive     Interrupt 305, for device(s): 49283114-edge mlx4-42@0000:5e:00.0
49283115-edge mlx4-43@0000:5e:00.0 i306 derive     Interrupt 306, for device(s): 49283115-edge mlx4-43@0000:5e:00.0
49283116-edge mlx4-44@0000:5e:00.0 i307 derive     Interrupt 307, for device(s): 49283116-edge mlx4-44@0000:5e:00.0
49283117-edge mlx4-45@0000:5e:00.0 i308 derive     Interrupt 308, for device(s): 49283117-edge mlx4-45@0000:5e:00.0
49283118-edge mlx4-46@0000:5e:00.0 i309 derive     Interrupt 309, for device(s): 49283118-edge mlx4-46@0000:5e:00.0
49283119-edge mlx4-47@0000:5e:00.0 i310 derive     Interrupt 310, for device(s): 49283119-edge mlx4-47@0000:5e:00.0
49283120-edge mlx4-48@0000:5e:00.0 i311 derive     Interrupt 311, for device(s): 49283120-edge mlx4-48@0000:5e:00.0
49283121-edge mlx4-49@0000:5e:00.0 i312 derive     Interrupt 312, for device(s): 49283121-edge mlx4-49@0000:5e:00.0
49283122-edge mlx4-50@0000:5e:00.0 i313 derive     Interrupt 313, for device(s): 49283122-edge mlx4-50@0000:5e:00.0
49283123-edge mlx4-51@0000:5e:00.0 i314 derive     Interrupt 314, for device(s): 49283123-edge mlx4-51@0000:5e:00.0
49283124-edge mlx4-52@0000:5e:00.0 i315 derive     Interrupt 315, for device(s): 49283124-edge mlx4-52@0000:5e:00.0
49283125-edge mlx4-53@0000:5e:00.0 i316 derive     Interrupt 316, for device(s): 49283125-edge mlx4-53@0000:5e:00.0
49283126-edge mlx4-54@0000:5e:00.0 i317 derive     Interrupt 317, for device(s): 49283126-edge mlx4-54@0000:5e:00.0
49283127-edge mlx4-55@0000:5e:00.0 i318 derive     Interrupt 318, for device(s): 49283127-edge mlx4-55@0000:5e:00.0
49283128-edge mlx4-56@0000:5e:00.0 i319 derive     Interrupt 319, for device(s): 49283128-edge mlx4-56@0000:5e:00.0
49283129-edge mlx4-57@0000:5e:00.0 i320 derive     Interrupt 320, for device(s): 49283129-edge mlx4-57@0000:5e:00.0
49283130-edge mlx4-58@0000:5e:00.0 i321 derive     Interrupt 321, for device(s): 49283130-edge mlx4-58@0000:5e:00.0
49283131-edge mlx4-59@0000:5e:00.0 i322 derive     Interrupt 322, for device(s): 49283131-edge mlx4-59@0000:5e:00.0
49283132-edge mlx4-60@0000:5e:00.0 i323 derive     Interrupt 323, for device(s): 49283132-edge mlx4-60@0000:5e:00.0
49283133-edge mlx4-61@0000:5e:00.0 i324 derive     Interrupt 324, for device(s): 49283133-edge mlx4-61@0000:5e:00.0
49283134-edge mlx4-62@0000:5e:00.0 i325 derive     Interrupt 325, for device(s): 49283134-edge mlx4-62@0000:5e:00.0
49283135-edge mlx4-63@0000:5e:00.0 i326 derive     Interrupt 326, for device(s): 49283135-edge mlx4-63@0000:5e:00.0
49283136-edge mlx4-64@0000:5e:00.0 i327 derive     Interrupt 327, for device(s): 49283136-edge mlx4-64@0000:5e:00.0
49283137-edge mlx4-65@0000:5e:00.0 i328 derive     Interrupt 328, for device(s): 49283137-edge mlx4-65@0000:5e:00.0
49283138-edge mlx4-66@0000:5e:00.0 i329 derive     Interrupt 329, for device(s): 49283138-edge mlx4-66@0000:5e:00.0
49283139-edge mlx4-67@0000:5e:00.0 i330 derive     Interrupt 330, for device(s): 49283139-edge mlx4-67@0000:5e:00.0
49283140-edge mlx4-68@0000:5e:00.0 i331 derive     Interrupt 331, for device(s): 49283140-edge mlx4-68@0000:5e:00.0
49283141-edge mlx4-69@0000:5e:00.0 i332 derive     Interrupt 332, for device(s): 49283141-edge mlx4-69@0000:5e:00.0
49283142-edge mlx4-70@0000:5e:00.0 i333 derive     Interrupt 333, for device(s): 49283142-edge mlx4-70@0000:5e:00.0
49283143-edge mlx4-71@0000:5e:00.0 i334 derive     Interrupt 334, for device(s): 49283143-edge mlx4-71@0000:5e:00.0
49283144-edge mlx4-72@0000:5e:00.0 i335 derive     Interrupt 335, for device(s): 49283144-edge mlx4-72@0000:5e:00.0
49283145-edge mlx4-73@0000:5e:00.0 i336 derive     Interrupt 336, for device(s): 49283145-edge mlx4-73@0000:5e:00.0
49283146-edge mlx4-74@0000:5e:00.0 i337 derive     Interrupt 337, for device(s): 49283146-edge mlx4-74@0000:5e:00.0
49283147-edge mlx4-75@0000:5e:00.0 i338 derive     Interrupt 338, for device(s): 49283147-edge mlx4-75@0000:5e:00.0
49283148-edge mlx4-76@0000:5e:00.0 i339 derive     Interrupt 339, for device(s): 49283148-edge mlx4-76@0000:5e:00.0
49283149-edge mlx4-77@0000:5e:00.0 i340 derive     Interrupt 340, for device(s): 49283149-edge mlx4-77@0000:5e:00.0
49283150-edge mlx4-78@0000:5e:00.0 i341 derive     Interrupt 341, for device(s): 49283150-edge mlx4-78@0000:5e:00.0
49283151-edge mlx4-79@0000:5e:00.0 i342 derive     Interrupt 342, for device(s): 49283151-edge mlx4-79@0000:5e:00.0
49283152-edge mlx4-80@0000:5e:00.0 i343 derive     Interrupt 343, for device(s): 49283152-edge mlx4-80@0000:5e:00.0
49283153-edge mlx4-81@0000:5e:00.0 i344 derive     Interrupt 344, for device(s): 49283153-edge mlx4-81@0000:5e:00.0
49283154-edge mlx4-82@0000:5e:00.0 i345 derive     Interrupt 345, for device(s): 49283154-edge mlx4-82@0000:5e:00.0
49283155-edge mlx4-83@0000:5e:00.0 i346 derive     Interrupt 346, for device(s): 49283155-edge mlx4-83@0000:5e:00.0
49283156-edge mlx4-84@0000:5e:00.0 i347 derive     Interrupt 347, for device(s): 49283156-edge mlx4-84@0000:5e:00.0
49283157-edge mlx4-85@0000:5e:00.0 i348 derive     Interrupt 348, for device(s): 49283157-edge mlx4-85@0000:5e:00.0
49283158-edge mlx4-86@0000:5e:00.0 i349 derive     Interrupt 349, for device(s): 49283158-edge mlx4-86@0000:5e:00.0
49283159-edge mlx4-87@0000:5e:00.0 i350 derive     Interrupt 350, for device(s): 49283159-edge mlx4-87@0000:5e:00.0
49283160-edge mlx4-88@0000:5e:00.0 i351 derive     Interrupt 351, for device(s): 49283160-edge mlx4-88@0000:5e:00.0
49283161-edge mlx4-89@0000:5e:00.0 i352 derive     Interrupt 352, for device(s): 49283161-edge mlx4-89@0000:5e:00.0
49283162-edge mlx4-90@0000:5e:00.0 i353 derive     Interrupt 353, for device(s): 49283162-edge mlx4-90@0000:5e:00.0
49283163-edge mlx4-91@0000:5e:00.0 i354 derive     Interrupt 354, for device(s): 49283163-edge mlx4-91@0000:5e:00.0
49283164-edge mlx4-92@0000:5e:00.0 i355 derive     Interrupt 355, for device(s): 49283164-edge mlx4-92@0000:5e:00.0
49283165-edge mlx4-93@0000:5e:00.0 i356 derive     Interrupt 356, for device(s): 49283165-edge mlx4-93@0000:5e:00.0
49283166-edge mlx4-94@0000:5e:00.0 i357 derive     Interrupt 357, for device(s): 49283166-edge mlx4-94@0000:5e:00.0
49283167-edge mlx4-95@0000:5e:00.0 i358 derive     Interrupt 358, for device(s): 49283167-edge mlx4-95@0000:5e:00.0
49283168-edge mlx4-96@0000:5e:00.0 i359 derive     Interrupt 359, for device(s): 49283168-edge mlx4-96@0000:5e:00.0
49283169-edge mlx4-97@0000:5e:00.0 i360 derive     Interrupt 360, for device(s): 49283169-edge mlx4-97@0000:5e:00.0
49283170-edge mlx4-98@0000:5e:00.0 i361 derive     Interrupt 361, for device(s): 49283170-edge mlx4-98@0000:5e:00.0
49283171-edge mlx4-99@0000:5e:00.0 i362 derive     Interrupt 362, for device(s): 49283171-edge mlx4-99@0000:5e:00.0
49283172-edge mlx4-100@0000:5e:00.0 i363 derive     Interrupt 363, for device(s): 49283172-edge mlx4-100@0000:5e:00.0
49283173-edge mlx4-101@0000:5e:00.0 i364 derive     Interrupt 364, for device(s): 49283173-edge mlx4-101@0000:5e:00.0
49283174-edge mlx4-102@0000:5e:00.0 i365 derive     Interrupt 365, for device(s): 49283174-edge mlx4-102@0000:5e:00.0
49283175-edge mlx4-103@0000:5e:00.0 i366 derive     Interrupt 366, for device(s): 49283175-edge mlx4-103@0000:5e:00.0
49283176-edge mlx4-104@0000:5e:00.0 i367 derive     Interrupt 367, for device(s): 49283176-edge mlx4-104@0000:5e:00.0
49283177-edge mlx4-105@0000:5e:00.0 i368 derive     Interrupt 368, for device(s): 49283177-edge mlx4-105@0000:5e:00.0
49283178-edge mlx4-106@0000:5e:00.0 i369 derive     Interrupt 369, for device(s): 49283178-edge mlx4-106@0000:5e:00.0
49283179-edge mlx4-107@0000:5e:00.0 i370 derive     Interrupt 370, for device(s): 49283179-edge mlx4-107@0000:5e:00.0
49283180-edge mlx4-108@0000:5e:00.0 i371 derive     Interrupt 371, for device(s): 49283180-edge mlx4-108@0000:5e:00.0
49283181-edge mlx4-109@0000:5e:00.0 i372 derive     Interrupt 372, for device(s): 49283181-edge mlx4-109@0000:5e:00.0
49283182-edge mlx4-110@0000:5e:00.0 i373 derive     Interrupt 373, for device(s): 49283182-edge mlx4-110@0000:5e:00.0
49283183-edge mlx4-111@0000:5e:00.0 i374 derive     Interrupt 374, for device(s): 49283183-edge mlx4-111@0000:5e:00.0
49283184-edge mlx4-112@0000:5e:00.0 i375 derive     Interrupt 375, for device(s): 49283184-edge mlx4-112@0000:5e:00.0
49283185-edge mlx4-113@0000:5e:00.0 i376 derive     Interrupt 376, for device(s): 49283185-edge mlx4-113@0000:5e:00.0
49283186-edge mlx4-114@0000:5e:00.0 i377 derive     Interrupt 377, for device(s): 49283186-edge mlx4-114@0000:5e:00.0
49283187-edge mlx4-115@0000:5e:00.0 i378 derive     Interrupt 378, for device(s): 49283187-edge mlx4-115@0000:5e:00.0
49283188-edge mlx4-116@0000:5e:00.0 i379 derive     Interrupt 379, for device(s): 49283188-edge mlx4-116@0000:5e:00.0
49283189-edge mlx4-117@0000:5e:00.0 i380 derive     Interrupt 380, for device(s): 49283189-edge mlx4-117@0000:5e:00.0
49283190-edge mlx4-118@0000:5e:00.0 i381 derive     Interrupt 381, for device(s): 49283190-edge mlx4-118@0000:5e:00.0
65536-edge ioat-msix i384 derive     Interrupt 384, for device(s): 65536-edge ioat-msix
67584-edge ioat-msix i386 derive     Interrupt 386, for device(s): 67584-edge ioat-msix
69632-edge ioat-msix i387 derive     Interrupt 387, for device(s): 69632-edge ioat-msix
71680-edge ioat-msix i388 derive     Interrupt 388, for device(s): 71680-edge ioat-msix
73728-edge ioat-msix i389 derive     Interrupt 389, for device(s): 73728-edge ioat-msix
75776-edge ioat-msix i390 derive     Interrupt 390, for device(s): 75776-edge ioat-msix
77824-edge ioat-msix i391 derive     Interrupt 391, for device(s): 77824-edge ioat-msix
79872-edge ioat-msix i392 derive     Interrupt 392, for device(s): 79872-edge ioat-msix
67174400-edge ioat-msix i394 derive     Interrupt 394, for device(s): 67174400-edge ioat-msix
67176448-edge ioat-msix i396 derive     Interrupt 396, for device(s): 67176448-edge ioat-msix
67178496-edge ioat-msix i397 derive     Interrupt 397, for device(s): 67178496-edge ioat-msix
67180544-edge ioat-msix i398 derive     Interrupt 398, for device(s): 67180544-edge ioat-msix
67182592-edge ioat-msix i399 derive     Interrupt 399, for device(s): 67182592-edge ioat-msix
67184640-edge ioat-msix i400 derive     Interrupt 400, for device(s): 67184640-edge ioat-msix
67186688-edge ioat-msix i401 derive     Interrupt 401, for device(s): 67186688-edge ioat-msix
67188736-edge ioat-msix i402 derive     Interrupt 402, for device(s): 67188736-edge ioat-msix
Non-maskable interrupts iNMI derive     Interrupt NMI, for device(s): Non-maskable interrupts
Local timer interrupts iLOC derive     Interrupt LOC, for device(s): Local timer interrupts
Spurious interrupts iSPU derive     Interrupt SPU, for device(s): Spurious interrupts
Performance monitoring interrupts iPMI derive     Interrupt PMI, for device(s): Performance monitoring interrupts
IRQ work interrupts iIWI derive     Interrupt IWI, for device(s): IRQ work interrupts
APIC ICR read retries iRTR derive     Interrupt RTR, for device(s): APIC ICR read retries
Rescheduling interrupts iRES derive     Interrupt RES, for device(s): Rescheduling interrupts
Function call interrupts iCAL derive     Interrupt CAL, for device(s): Function call interrupts
TLB shootdowns iTLB derive     Interrupt TLB, for device(s): TLB shootdowns
Thermal event interrupts iTRM derive     Interrupt TRM, for device(s): Thermal event interrupts
Threshold APIC interrupts iTHR derive     Interrupt THR, for device(s): Threshold APIC interrupts
Deferred Error APIC interrupts iDFR derive     Interrupt DFR, for device(s): Deferred Error APIC interrupts
Machine check exceptions iMCE derive     Interrupt MCE, for device(s): Machine check exceptions
Machine check polls iMCP derive     Interrupt MCP, for device(s): Machine check polls
ERR iERR derive      
MIS iMIS derive      
Posted-interrupt notification event iPIN derive     Interrupt PIN, for device(s): Posted-interrupt notification event
Nested posted-interrupt event iNPI derive     Interrupt NPI, for device(s): Nested posted-interrupt event
Posted-interrupt wakeup event iPIW derive     Interrupt PIW, for device(s): Posted-interrupt wakeup event